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Jim Campilongo and the Ten Gallon Cats

Whoa! LOOSE. Get this CD. Smart, funny, sophisticated, complex, evocative. It's country with a warped edge, like nothing I've heard before. He plays it straight, he screws around with it, he does it all.

- Mike O.

Site of interest:, Jim's web site.

Cover-Two Lane Blacktop.

Bill Hullett
Two Lane Blacktop

"Get Bill's CD today!!! He gets the most wonderful tone you've ever heard. Plus, he describes which guitar he is playing on each track, which is very cool! Only in my case it can be frustrating. I have some very similar gear, only how come mine don't sound like that?? Must be in those Hullett fingers!!"

-James P.

Site of interest: Bill Hullett Home Page

Further listening: Bill played lead guitar on Radney Foster's Del Rio, TX 1959. Here are some of his comments about the sessions, as posted to the TDP.

Cover-TAlan Jackson's Greatest Hits

Alan Jackson
Greatest Hits
Guitarist: Brent Mason


Cover-Hot Rod Lincoln Live

Bill Kirchen
Hot Rod Lincoln-Live!

"The 8-minute version of "Hot Rod Lincoln," in which Bill imitates nearly every signature lick known to man (from Jimi, to SRV, to Bo Diddley, to Johnny Rivers, to ...) is worth the price of the disk. Transcendent TELECASTER truckin' music from a national treasure."

- Dr. Bill

Link: Bill Kirchen Home Page

Further Listening: Kirchen has a series of CDs for the independent Hightone label, or pick up Too Much Fun-The Best of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen for a whacked-out take on country-rock for the '70s.

Cover-Forbidden Fruits and Vegetables

Danny Flowers
Forbidden Fruits and Vegetables
Guitarist: James Pennebaker

James has an awful lot of soul in his little finger, more than *I* have in my body. He ROCKS in his role as producer and of course he plays his butt off. I totally recommend it.

- Pete B.

Links: This CD is unfortunately not widely available, but you can currently find a copy at Also, see the James Pennebaker interview at

Further Listening: James has played with Lee Roy Parnell for several years. Start with Every Night's a Saturday Night.

Cover - Do Right Man

Dan Penn
Do Right Man
Guitarist: Reggie Young

"Reggie Young is the high water mark that you would want to gauge yourself by if you ever wanted a career in session work. Tasteful, in tune, great timing and phrasing, great tone, great style and imagination. And to top it all off, the nicest guy in the music biz."

- Bill H.

Further Listening: Here it is from the horse's mouth: Reggie's resume, as posted to the TDP.


Redd Volkaert
No Stranger to a Tele

"WOW!!!!!!!! Redd does it again! For those of you who don't know who Redd Volkaert is, I urge you to run out of the house right now and go pick up his two CD's--Telewacker and No Stranger to a Tele. Classic music. Redd plays some of the best, tasty Tele licks ever on this one and the pics of his Teles on the jacket are great! Looks like a 58.....! He's got Norm Hamlett on steel and he's in great form. Texas is proud to have Redd and we're proud to have him on the TDP!"

- Johnny I.

Link: Check out Redd's NPR interview (Requires Real Audio Player). Also, Redd Volkaert Hightone Records Page

Further Listening: That's Redd in the current version of Merle Haggard's band, the Strangers. Check out Merle's Live at Billy Bob's Texas. Or grab honky tonker Dale Watson's I Hate These Songs.

The Twangbangers
26 Days on the Road
Guitarists: Bill Kirchen, Redd Volkaert


Jim Weider Band

Cover-Highways and Heartaches

Ricky Skaggs
Highways and Heartaches
Ray Flacke

""I was a young feller when I saw Ricky Skaggs sing Highway 40 Blues on some awards show. I remember thinking "who is that ol' boy playin' that Tele like that?" Shocked Ricky won an award and let his band members speak a few words and this guy came up and thanked Ricky for letting him play in his "bahnd". I couldn't believe those twangin' fingers belonged to somebody on the other side of the pond. Knocked down that narrow view of mine immediately!"


Further Listening: Ricky is a great Tele picker, too. Check out Live in London, which was cut after Flacke left the band.