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Cover-The Sun Years

Johnny Cash
The Sun Years
Guitarist: Luther Perkins

"Luther Perkins on lead. Pure and simple."

- Steve T.

Cover-Capitol Collector's Series

Merle Haggard
Capitol Collector's Series
Guitarists: James Burton,
Roy Nichols

Further Listening: Rhino's More of the Best is a companion to this CD, and also features Reggie Young on a couple of cuts. Razor and Tie's 2-CD set The Lonesome Fugitive or the 4-CD Capitol Box Down Every Road both have most of the same songs and many more. For a rundown on who played what, check out TJ's Burton/Nichols post.

Cover-Luxury Liner

Emmylou Harris
Luxury Liner
Guitarist: Albert Lee

"I went to see Emmylou Harris in the 70s in Berkeley. As I came up to the theater I heard someone (James Burton, I thought) warming up from a dressing room. The curtain opened and, to my James B. But after about 30 seconds I never thought about James again that night! I really flipped out years later when I got to meet Albert and play with him on some record dates! He's a great guy and a great player with a captivating style."

-Bill H.

Further Listening: Dave Edmund's Sweet Little Lisa has Lee front and center.

Cover-Nashville West

Nashville West
Nashville West
Guitarist: Clarence White

"I saw Clarence White with the Byrds when I was a teenager. I went home and tried to duplicate what I saw him doing with these amazing bends, but I couldn't even get close. Years later, when I finally played a B-Bender Tele, I realized that even with one of those things, what Clarence was doing actually was impossible."

-Scott S.

Cover-Very Best of Buck Owens, v. 1

Buck Owens
Very Best of, Vol. 1
Guitarists: Buck Owens,
Don Rich

"It don't get no better than Buck, Don and the Buckaroos. Don Rich was the reason that I wanted to play guitar, and fell in love with Teles. The way he played just did something to me. The music was simple, and the licks short and snappy, but put them together and you have the type of sound that makes me just start grinnin and run for a Tele."

-Wade H.

Further Listening: The Very Best of Buck Owens, Vol. 2 is just as strong as the first, or skip both of them and buy Rhino Records' 3-CD box set.

Cover-Essential Jerry Reed

Jerry Reed

"I saw Jerry Reed playing Amos Moses on a TV variety show and fell in love with the look and sound of the Telecaster he was using (Amos Moses is still a defining moment in Tele tone). Then a couple of weeks later, I walked into a music store in Charleston, WV, and there it was: purty and blonde, tags hanging off it, paint and chrome glinting in the window-light. A Tele. I still have her today--25 years later."