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Cover-88 Elmira St.

Danny Gatton
88 Elmira St.

"I was fortunate enough to be able to see Danny play a few hundred times over a period of 20-some years, and many times I witnessed what we came to call "The Reaction"... or the typical guitar player's progression of emotional states upon seeing Danny for the first time: shock, disbelief, denial, dismay, and finally pure unbridled JOY at hearing SO MUCH MUSIC, LOVE AND HUMOR coming out of a guitar!"

- Chris S.

Site of interest:  Danny Gatton Home Page

Further Listening:  Check out the live The Humbler or Unfinished Business, both on NRG Records.

Cover-Escape From Hollywood

The Hellecasters
Escape From Hollywood
Guitarists: Jerry Donahue,
John Jorgenson, Will Ray

"By combining blazing technique with passion, sophistication, and excellent songwriting, the Hellecasters demonstrate the Tele's versatility and boundless possibility."

- will

Site of interest:  Hellecasters Home Page

Further Listening: You can't go wrong! The other two Hellecaster CD's are called Return of the Hellecasters and Hell III-New Axes to Grind.


Duke Levine

"Put it all together and you get Duke. He can play clean and dirty and funky and country and bluesy and swingin', and sound like a natural at every turn. His inspiration is such that it serves to remind me that there's not that much that differentiates those who do from those who could--just the ability to see it through."

- Tom S.

Site of interest:  Duke Levine Home Page

Further Listening: Try Levine's Country Soul Guitar.

Cover-Stratosphere Boogie

Speedy West and
Jimmy Bryant

Stratosphere Boogie
Guitarist: Jimmy Bryant

"Jimmy Bryant was the first major player to play a Tele, according to research I have done. His tones were incredible to me. I've never heard anyone set the guitar so bright and make it sound smooth."


Further Listening: Razor and Tie Records has released a followup collection called Swingin' on the Strings.