Posted by Bill Hullett on April 05, 1998 at 04:40:07:

In Reply to: Mr. Bill's done it again posted by Mikey Saul on April 04, 1998 at 19:25:44:

:Hey Guys,
: I just listened to my Radney Foster-"Del Rio Texas 1959" CD and guess who's all over it! You got it, Mr. Bill Hullett. One of my all time favorite songs is "Just Call Me Lonesome," which my band still does. It sounds like the Nocaster. Am I right Bill? Sure got that great twang going. Mighty fine sir. More, more, more!
: Have a good gig,

: Mikey

Yo Mikey......Correct you are Sir!!!! Its my 1950 "Nocaster" plugged into a Bassman RI. No effects, just guitar and amp. In fact, when Steve Fishell (producer) called me for the session he said that the ground rules going in were to be "no effects allowed...the only outside piece of gear would be a Dynacomp, but as many guitars and amps as you like."

I said Man, you're right up my alley!!! A funny story about that record is that the second single "Nobody Wins" was a demo that we cut the last 15 minutes of a demo session. It was that song that got him his record deal on ARISTA and they liked the demo enough that they said don't bother re-cutting it. The only thing added after the fact was a mandolin that I put on. The other thing is I just remembered is that on the third single off that record, "Easier Said Than Done," I used a Les Paul and the little Deluxe Reverb that I just sold Noam. (Oh No!!!! What Have I Done!!!!!!)

Bill Hullett